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Dance Classes

Follow the rhythm of your Soul!

Join Cubaneo and learn to dance from a professional dance instructor from Cuba, Aloy Junco.

You will become a part of the community, where you will meet new people and expand your social network, get energized, have great fun, and much more … 

We offer Private & Group Classes.

There will be no classes running from 1st of April. All classes resume from the 20th of May. 

 2024 Timetable


7pm Beginners Cuban Salsa

8pm Raggateton

9pm Cuban Percussion

(No classes running until august, dates tbc)

7pm Rumba ( Yambú, Guaguanco & Columbia )

8pm Intermediate Rueda de Casino

9pm Afro-Cuban Dance


(No classes running until august, dates tbc)

7pm Reggaeton Class 

8pm Salsa (Intermediate) 

9pm Cuban Percussion


Tour to Cuba: 20th April - 4th May 


Cubaneo Dance Studio

341 Lygon Street, Carlton - upstairs

(above Intersection Café)

Class bookings: 0434 300 502

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Cuban Salsa

Salsa is an exciting and fun social dance that anyone can learn at any age.

At Cubaneo, we teach Cuban Salsa (Casino / Salsa Cubana) which is a style of salsa that allows

a lot of flexibility and creativity.

Some of the benefits of dancing salsa:

♡ You will become a part of the community, where you will meet new people and have great fun.

♡  Dancing Salsa is an effective aerobic workout and gives significant health benefits.

♡  It's a great dance that will make you smile and give you confidence.

♡  You don't need a partner to learn to dance Salsa.

**You will need comfortable shoes with very little traction, which are secure on your feet (no flip flops or ill-fitting shoes).

Dancing Legs

Cuban Salsa Beginner

Cuban Salsa Beginner course (Level 1)  is for people with little or no dance experience.

In this class, we will cover essential salsa steps and routines, partnering techniques, and fundamental body movement, including coordination, positioning the weight and balance.

You will gain a basic understanding of Cuban salsa rhythm.

Dance Floor

Cuban Salsa Intermediate

Cuban Salsa Intermediate (Level 2)  is for those who are comfortable with the basics and ready to learn new moves.

You will fine-tune the basics covered in Level 1, improve your posture & body movement, and reinforce your timing. We will focus on building your moves into more complex combinations, work on musicality, and you will also get a taste of salsa suelta footwork and added styling.

Salsa Dance Class

Cuban Salsa Advanced

Welcome to Level 3 - Cuban Salsa Advanced course.

By now, your movements are polished, and you dance with confidence.

In this class, you will learn to incorporate the elements from rumba and Afro-Cuban dances into your salsa routine and create a beautiful flow, specific to Cuban salsa.

Cubaneo Salsa Class3.png

Rueda de Casino

​Rueda de Casino is a style of salsa dancing where pairs of dancers form a "rueda" (circle) and partners frequently swap in dance moves called out by one person: a caller.


The dynamics of the dance and constant movement of partners make Rueda de Casino visually spectacular and a tremendously fun dance to participate in. 

Class requirement: 

Rueda de Casino Level 1: minimum Salsa Beginners 

Rueda de Casino Level 2: minimum Salsa Intermediate / Rueda Level 1

Cuban Rumba

Rumba is one of Cuba’s most celebrated forms of music and dance. Cuban rumba, with its roots in African rhythms and dance moves, is very different from rhumba (ballroom dance). 

In the Rumba class, you will learn fundamental steps and specific body movement and to incorporate these moves into your salsa routine as an advanced form of styling. The aim of this course is to improve your salsa dancing, timing and styling, and your dancing skills in general.

Available as a group or private class.

Afro-Cuban Dance

Deep in the heart of Cuban culture lie Afro-Cuban folkloric dances. These dances come from an ancient ritual tradition based on the worship of deities (Orishas) and include a variety of styles, such as Eleggua, Changó, and Yemayá.  The beauty of the movements, music, and colourful costumes create

an unforgettable experience. 

Aloy Junco has been dancing and teaching Afro-Cuban Dance since his days with

Conjunto Folklórico Nacional (Cuba’s national folkloric dance troupe).

Aloy's Afro-Cuban Dance Workshops are a real treat for the soul.

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